A Conversation With Abbi Yeboah

A Conversation With Abbi Yeboah

A Conversation With:

Abbi Yeboah

Pinkshoe Marketing
President & CEO

How long have you been volunteering in the community?

I have been sharing my business expertise within the community for over 10 years through free workshops under various ventures in New York, New Jersey, and through my non-profit organization.

Currently, through our free signature workshop series, “Women Do Business Differently,” inspired by my participation in the Goldman Sachs/Tory Burch Business Program, we empower women to embrace gender qualities that give them a competitive edge while operating in business.

In addition, my company, Pinkshoe Marketing, has partnered with several economic development organizations to bring informative and empowering workshops on several key business elements including brand development and digital marketing to women. These workshops aim to assist women entrepreneurs with building a profitable brand on and offline.

Women entrepreneurs can visit our Eventbrite page for upcoming free workshops in the Valley.

Tell us a little about yourself.

As a first generation African-American whose parents hail from West Africa, Ghana, education and entrepreneurship have allowed me the freedom to not only follow my passion but has also become a vehicle and opportunity to redefine my family’s legacy. Having several family members who are illiterate, including my mother, and being a single mother of two, has encouraged me to attain a level of success that will afford my children and younger family members access and an opportunity to exceed my success.

In 2010, I started freelancing in graphic and web design. By 2013, the freelancing had morphed into The Sharpp Group. I serviced small business owners, non-profits, and government-related projects, however these projects were not as fulfilling as when I began to intimately work with women-owned businesses. I soon realized that this was a satisfying experience because it was an opportunity to inspire, empower, and equip women with presenting their brand professionally. That is what led to me adding Pinkshoe Marketing to The Sharpp Group. I often see myself in these women, who are in pursuit of a better existence for themselves and their family and trying to define their legacy through their passion and purpose.

For more information visit: www.pinkshoemarketing.com

Where do you see your business in the next 3 years?

Our goal within 3 years is to expand the brand into other markets, employ a small staff of 20, and create a series of best-selling books and resources that assist women step-by-step in identifying, developing, and marketing their brand online.

Why did you join The Valley Economic Alliance’s Business Accelerator Program?

I joined The Valley Economic Alliance’s Business Accelerator Program (BAP) in an effort to establish a presence for Pinkshoe Marketing on the West Coast. 

What did The Valley Economic Alliance’s Business Accelerator Program help you accomplish?

The BAP helped me establish a presence on the West Coast and helped me create strategic alliances that introduced Pinkshoe Marketing to new potential clients. I have since secured several new projects.

What are you most excited about your business accomplishing in the near future?

I am most excited about turning the 2-hour Women Do Business Differently Workshop into a full-day event in the last quarter of 2017.

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