A Conversation With Armin Nikravan

A Conversation With Armin Nikravan

A Conversation With:

Armin Nikravan

Union Bank
Vice President / Private Banker

How long have you been volunteering in the community?

I have been volunteering in the community for more than 6 years.

Tell us a little about yourself.

I am a graduate of California State University, Northridge (CSUN) with a major in Business Finance. I am employed by Union Bank as a Vice President and Private Banker, and absolutely love what I do. I find that the most rewarding aspect of my job is when I get to help my clients realize their sincere financial goals. I have learned that listening is one of the best gifts I can give. I am blessed to be employed with an organization as committed to serving the community and our clients as I am.

What is one of your Passion Projects that you are working on?

The first passion project I’m excited to share about is the work we have done with the TVEA’s Business Accelerator Program; a relatively new program that started in 2017. In this program, a select number of early stage entrepreneurs created and actually implemented on a business plan. Part of what they learned is the importance of having a business plan as a roadmap, creating accountability structures, evolving with the business plan through the breakdowns and the breakthroughs and lastly, transforming their relationship with the gaps in their plans in an empowering context. I am honored to have had the opportunity to not only help mentor the program participants, but to also learn from them as they evolve themselves and their businesses to new heights.

My second passion project relates to the transportation and tech industry. I feel strongly that the Valley and greater LA community can greatly benefit from the advancements of self-sustained vehicles, drone services and renewable energy focused technology improvements to our public transportation infrastructure. Understanding that there are many concerns, both known and unknown, with the advancement of technology, I look forward to learning about and working with companies that are responsibly leading the way.

Why do you continue to be a member of The Valley Economic Alliance?

After spending the majority of my life raised in the Valley, I grew a great appreciation for the community that has given so much to my family and I. At some point, I realized that the best way to express my gratitude was to give back to the other members of the Valley community.

I was introduced to Kenn Phillips, the team at TVEA, and several board members. I was thrilled to learn that there was a larger community committed to the same result of making the San Fernando Valley and its neighboring cities a greater place to live, work and grow. I’m looking forward to expanding my service to the TVEA, the community and making this a greater place during my life time.

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