A Conversation with Francesca Vega

A Conversation with Francesca Vega

A Conversation With:

Francesca Vega
California State University, Northridge
Assistant Vice President of Government & Community Relations


How long have you been volunteering in the community?

I have been volunteering in the community throughout my life in some capacity, so I will just say it has been many years!  I am also lucky to have chosen a career path that incorporates community volunteer service, which is something I enjoy very much.


Tell us a little about yourself.

I am originally from Yuba City, a small community in Northern California but have lived in Los Angeles for almost 14 years.

I am proud to be a product of public higher education. I graduated from Sacramento State with a Government/Political Science degree and have always viewed quality education as a great equalizer. It definitely was not on accident that I pursued a profession that brings together both politics and higher education.

For more information visit my LinkedIn: www.linkedin.com/in/francesca-vega



What is one of your Passion Projects that you are working on?

I have been involved with the Chicano Latino Leadership Project, Inc. for over 15 years. I started as a volunteer while working for the State Legislature and, in the past 5 years, I have been a member of the Board of Directors.  It is a volunteer ran statewide organization that demonstrates the value of “giving back” in curriculum content through a model that engages alumni, volunteers, and partners. Students who participate in one of our four leadership conferences develop leadership qualities and skills that are carried forward into their local communities. Our programs can be game-changing for Latino youth and often exposes them to their cultural history, values, and role models for the first time.


Why do you continue to be a member of The Valley Economic Alliance?

The Valley Economic Alliance (TVEA) is a well–respected institution in the greater San Fernando Valley that has a long history of engagement with Cal State University, Northridge.  When I began my tenure at the university nearly 6 years ago, I joined President Dianne Harrison regularly at TVEA events and began working with President and CEO, Kenn Phillips, on various projects. I look to the organization as a partner and a great resource to the Valley.

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