A Conversation With Walter Njboke

A Conversation With Walter Njboke

A Conversation With:

Walter Njboke
United Imaging

Sustainability Account Manager


How long have you been volunteering in the community?

I have lived in the community for over 21 years and have been volunteering for over 15 of those years. It started at my local church when I was a member of the First African Methodist Episcopal Church, the oldest Baptist church in Los Angeles. Then I was introduced to Optimist Boys Home and Family Services, one of the largest and oldest Foster Care Facility in Los Angeles. I have been on their board for over 11 years.


Tell us a little about yourself.

I have been in the office equipment business for over 25 years. I consult, sell and lease office equipment like copiers, printers and provide supplies to all size businesses including schools, hospitals, clinics, churches etc. I especially enjoy working with schools, hospitals and nonprofits in my community. I like to leverage corporate support to help them meet their business objectives. At the same time, I help them contain their costs across the board. I find that when I can do this, I am regarded as more than just a partner and they refer me to others that may need my assistance.

I also enjoy designing men’s suits on my downtime. I have owned a men’s clothing and Italian suit company for over 19 years.

For more information visit my LinkedIn https://www.linkedin.com/in/walter-njboke/


What is one of your Passion Projects that you are working on?

I have been involved with the Optimist Boys Home for a few years now and I really enjoy working with the team. They are very passionate about the kids they take care of at all their facilities. They give these kids hope when those that were supposed to love and care for them, including the system, have abandoned them.

Right now, I am working on a project that will allow me to leverage corporate relationships I have to help assist the charter schools in our community. This is a project that will allow me to give back in a major way to the community and to the kids these charter schools serve. A lot of the teachers are not well compensated and this impacts the length of time they are able to commit to the schools and kids. My goal is that these companies I will partner up with will be able to provide additional financial support that will bridge the gap caused by the state and federal shortfalls.


Why do you continue to be a member of The Valley Economic Alliance?

I love The Valley Economic Alliance (TVEA) because of their passion and desire to make the Valley a great place to live and work. They want to improve businesses in the Valley and they go out of their way to make it possible for businesses looking to move to the Valley by pointing them in the right direction. TVEA’s team is amazing and always willing to introduce you to a company or person they think may need our service or assistance.

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