About Us

Building Thriving Communities that Work

Our Mission

The Valley Economic Alliance is a strategic private-public collaboration made up of governments, corporations, small businesses, educational institutions, and community organizations whose mission is to engage and unite behind the principles, policies, and practices necessary for economic vitality and prosperity. Bringing together a sustainable economic future for the five-city San Fernando Valley region, including Burbank, Calabasas, Glendale, Los Angeles, and San Fernando. An area of more than 160,000 businesses, over 2 million residents, and covering more than 400 square miles.


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The Alliance advances its mission through four initiative areas:

Economic Development
Leading Valley stakeholders in attracting new employers to the region, by helping companies reduce costs, assisting businesses to connect to business resources, driving investment and business into the Valley.

Promoting the Valley
Highlighting the key aspects and benefits of working, living, and receiving an education locally. Encouraging tourism and strengthening the hospitality industry in the Valley.

Education & Workforce Development
Strengthening our local educational institutions, while fostering a well-trained workforce by working with local colleges, universities, and employment centers to connect businesses with experienced and trained staff.

Livable & Sustainable Communities
Convening government officials, corporate leadership, and thought leaders on such topics as housing, healthcare, environment, transportation, sanitation, public safety, building and safety, planning and quality of life issues that significantly support prosperity in the region.

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