Are You All Wet Workshop with LADWP

Are You All Wet Workshop with LADWP

California has been in a severe drought for the past 4 years – and 2015 looks to be the worst one yet. At the “Are You All Wet” meeting on Thursday, February 26, 2015, Los Angeles Department of Water and Power (LADWP) discussed how they have addressed this problem with various programs to help businesses save money on water costs, discussed recycled water and conservation techniques.

Rick Silva, Senior Utility Services Specialist at LADWP, mentioned that not everyone is in the position to use recycled water yet, but are eligible to tap into the current incentives and programs LADWP has in place to try and reduce water consumption. Through the “California Friendly Landscape Incentive Program,” LADWP will cover costs of replacing lawns with turf and reduce immediate costs for conservation efforts and increase long-term water savings.  Visit for more information.

Other LADWP speakers at this meeting included Serge Haddad, P.E and Kerry McCorkle, Recycled Water Specialist.


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