Thrive in the Valley

Thrive in the Valley

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Reduce Business Costs
The Alliance has helped many local businesses to reduce their business costs, improve their profit margins, and retain employees. Among the ways we help businesses reduce costs are:

Utilities Rebates
-Conserve energy and water and reduce pollution while taking advantage of rebates and incentives on energy-efficient business equipment and food service equipment.

Operational Efficiencies
-Evaluate your use of office equipment such as computers, copiers, and telephone equipment to find sometimes dramatic cost savings.

Workers Compensation Evaluation
-Review your Workers Compensation classifications to be sure you are calculated at the lowest rate possible.


Insurance Evaluation
-Compare your insurance coverage costs to be sure that you are getting the best value for your expenditures.

Employee Training Reimbursement
-Upgrading your employees’ skills in such topics as leadership and operational efficiency may be eligible for reimbursement.

Payroll Assessments
-Evaluate your payroll and benefits to confirm that you’re paying the right amount for your talent pool.

Contact us for a consultation to determine if you’re eligible for any of these cost savings measures.

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Building in the Valley

Building Permit Advocacy
The Alliance champions real estate development projects that propose to create jobs, preserve the environment, and improve the Valley’s quality of life. We help developers advance projects in the following ways:

Navigate Regulatory Offices
-Introductions to City Offices and procedures can clarify and assist in the development process.

Educate the Public
-Sharing the features and economic benefits of new developments with local residents and elected officials can help balance community concerns.

Promote Commercial Space
-Promoting available office, retail, and industrial spaces can help fill vacancies with reliable tenants.

Contact us for a consultation to see how we might help facilitate your development projects.