Thrive in the Valley

Thrive in the Valley

Increase Revenues, Decrease Costs, Access Capital

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Business Development

The Alliance has helped many local businesses to capture business development opportunities, become more profitable margins, and create jobs. Among the ways we help businesses increase revenues are:

Contracting & Procurement Opportunities
-We help you get certified, learn about bidding opportunities, and meet procurement decision-makers.

Export Assistance
-Learn about opportunities for overseas sales and get help navigating logistics and international marketing.

-The Alliance can connect you with marketing specialists who can help you increase your digital presence and increase sales from e-commerce.

Reduce Business Costs

The Alliance has helped many local businesses to reduce their business costs, improve their profit margins, and retain employees. Among the ways we help businesses reduce costs are:

Utilities Rebates
-Conserve energy and water and reduce pollution while taking advantage of rebates and incentives on energy-efficient business equipment and food service equipment.

Subsidized Employees and Training Reimbursement
-Obtain incentives for hiring and reimbursements to upgrade your employees’ skills in such topics as leadership and operational efficiency.

Workers Compensation Evaluation
-Review your Workers Compensation classifications to be sure you are calculated at the lowest rate possible.

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Building in the Valley

Gaining Access to Capital

Growing companies can accelerate growth and increase their return on investment by leveraging the power of capital. The Alliance can connect you with sources of lender and equity financing to help you expand your local footprint.

Lending Partners
-Introductions to lenders and loan packaging to help you prepare a successful application.

Angel Network
-Help accessing and navigating the tech-ecosystem including connections to angel and venture capital investors.

Contact us for a consultation to see how we might help facilitate your capital acquisition.