Cannabis Issues & Solutions at “CannaBiz”

Cannabis Issues & Solutions at “CannaBiz”

The Valley Economic Alliance (TVEA) hosted the first ever “CannaBiz” on June 27th – a conference and webinar at the San Fernando Valley Arts and Cultural Center that featured presentations by leading advocates and supporters of the ever-growing cannabis industry.

Kenn Phillips, President and CEO of TVEA shared results from The Alliance’s San Fernando Valley cannabis dispensary survey. The Alliance conducted a survey with 48 businesses near or next door to cannabis dispensaries and gathered information regarding the smell, parking, illegal activity, homeless concentration, and safety issues.

The event was MC-ed by Barbara Oberman, Owner of Barbara C. Oberman Insurance Services, Inc., who provides insurance services to the cannabis industry including employee benefits, worker’s compensation and commercial insurance.

CannaBiz presenters included Cat Packer, Executive Director of the City of Los Angeles Department of Cannabis Regulation who presented “Reforming Pot Policy,” and shared challenges of creating regulations in the ever changing environment.

Dr. Dennis Harp, a food Scientist with Quail Ozone Systems presented how ozone systems can be used to eliminate cannabis smell off of clothing and money and surface disinfection.

Amy Berliner, Founder and CEO of Aegis Bomedical and Biotech and leading authority on bitcoin technologies shared how bitcoin could take over the market for cannabis and other products associated with it.

Michael Goral, Tax Partner with Squar Milner discussed tax issues facing the cannabis industry. Despite the ways the retail sale of recreational marijuana has shaped and developed a new market, it is still not recognized under federal law and poses a number of issues to those working in cannabis accounting or as a CPA.

The event concluded with a question and answer session that was moderated by Stephen Landsman, Partner with Squar Milner.

Sponsors and partners included Squar Milner, San Fernando Arts and Cultural Center, Barbara C. Oberman Insurance Services, Inc., City of Los Angeles and Paints 4 Less.

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