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Patron Program

Alliance Patrons demonstrate their commitment to the prosperity of our region by participating on influential committees, sharing their expertise, and providing needed general operating support annually to implement meaningful initiatives wherever the need is greatest. In addition to the satisfaction of making meaningful contributions to our community, our Patrons also earn valuable recognition and benefits every year in exchange for their exemplary leadership in addition to being featured at our annual Patron Appreciation Celebration (see video below).

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Annual Fund

“Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world; indeed it’s the only thing that ever has.”

Margaret Mead

The San Fernando Valley is a great place to live. We have industrious people, a thriving economy, top schools, and fun amenities, among other strengths. And we are committed to making it better.

While some areas of our region are wealthy and strong, for too long, other regions have suffered from severe underinvestment. A large proportion of our people live in low-to-moderate income areas and don’t have equal access to opportunities and resources to fulfill their desire for financial self-sufficiency.

The answer is to give where we live. Fully 80% of the contributions given in the United States are given by individuals like you who decide to make a difference. People who have a little extra to share are helping their neighbors in need every day. Those who truly want to see The Valley prosper and to improve our local way of life can make a meaningful difference by giving locally and generously. We invite you to make a difference toward improving the San Fernando Valley today by joining us and making a gift to our Annual Fund.

Meet Our Supporters

Who is driving the economic growth of our region? Meet the corporate leaders who not only produce the products and services that meet customer needs globally, but who go above and beyond. These are the corporate citizens who re-invest right here in the Valley, where they have chosen to make their corporate home.