Three Ways to Invest in The Alliance

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Corporate Annual Investor Program

True leaders understand that consistently investing time, talent, and treasure can be an effective strategy to build a successful business, shape healthy communities in which to operate, and positively impact the world. Investors in The Alliance demonstrate their commitment to the prosperity of our region by participating on influential committees, sharing their expertise, and providing needed general operating support annually to implement meaningful initiatives wherever the need is greatest. In addition to the satisfaction of making meaningful contributions to our community, our Investors also earn valuable recognition and benefits every year in exchange for their exemplary leadership.

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Individual Annual Investor Program

If you are like many of our neighbors in the San Fernando Valley, then you care deeply about the prosperity and quality of life in our community. Although some community members may wonder how to make a meaningful, positive impact, you don’t have to wonder. When you make a financial contribution to The Valley Economic Alliance, you can be confident that your contribution will address societal problems and implement effective solutions. These solutions are designed to advance the economic well-being of our neighbors in need, especially those who are industrious and working toward financial self-sufficiency.

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Corporate or Individual Sponsorship Program

Donors who prefer to underwrite specific programs in exchange for recognition and benefits enjoy giving through our Sponsorship Program. Programs such as our Back to Business Webinar series provided needed technical assistance for local businesses, especially disadvantaged businesses, to receive the help they need to weather the economic crisis and plant the seeds today for stability and self-sufficiency in the future. Sponsorships of events such as our annual Valley of the Stars Gala are also available for those to choose to support an inspirational evening of entertainment that raises funds to sustain our operations and programs for the year ahead.

Meet Our Supporters

Who is driving the economic growth of our region? Meet the corporate leaders who not only produce the products and services that meet customer needs globally, but who go above and beyond. These are the corporate citizens who re-invest right here in the Valley, where they have chosen to make their corporate home.