Give Where You Live

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The San Fernando Valley is a great place to live. We have industrious people, a thriving economy, top schools, and fun amenities, among other strengths. And we are committed to making it better.

While some areas of our region are wealthy and strong, for too long, other regions have suffered from severe underinvestment. A large proportion of our people live in low-to-moderate income areas and don’t have equal access to opportunities and resources to fulfill their desire for financial self-sufficiency. And there is still much work to do to help our community heal and recover from the pandemic-triggered shock to our economy.

The answer is to give where we live. Fully 80% of the contributions given in the United States are given by individuals like you who decide to make a difference. People who have a little extra to share are helping their neighbors in need every day. Those who truly want to see The Valley prosper and to improve our local way of life can make a meaningful difference by giving locally and generously.

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By participating in our Give Where You Live campaign, you become a Valley influencer who leads the way toward a brighter future for our region. If you have the means to share in this important work that builds all of our neighborhoods into thriving communities, then there is no better time to invest than now and no better place than The Valley Economic Alliance.

We help small businesses to keep their doors open and retain jobs of low-income workers. We help people to find job training and jobs. And we promote workforce housing to keep our public servants close to where they work.

There’s so much we can do together to improve the quality of life in the Valley. If you have the means to share in this important work to promote a good quality of life in the Valley including affordable housing, good schools, environmental sustainability, transportation, public safety, among other important aspects of livable communities, please complete the form below to make your tax-deductible contribution today.

Establish Your Legacy

Have you ever considered what The Valley of the future will look like? In the tradition of Dr. David Burbank, Isaac Newton Van Nuys, Isaac Lankershim, and so many others, you can make your mark on the future forever by including a planned gift in your estate plan today. Through a gift of real estate, highly appreciated stock, or life insurance we can help you to establish a trust, donor-advised fund which creates your own family foundation by which you can contribute to the long-term growth and well-being of The Valley long into the future.