Giving Programs

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Three Ways to Invest in
the Alliance

Corporate Annual Investor Program

Gain valuable recognition and benefits while positively impacting our community. Join us and position your company as a leader in corporate social responsibility.

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Individual Annual Giving Program

Take action today to help improve our communities. When you invest in our residents and neighborhoods through your tax-deductible contribution to The Alliance, you can help small businesses create jobs, help job seekers find training and employment, and advocate for smarter community and economic development.

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Program & Event Sponsorships

Sponsorships offer your company valuable brand awareness. Underwriting educational programs such as educational webinars allow you to provide needed technical assistance for local businesses and residents while event sponsorships such as the Our Region | our Future Regional Development Conference and Annual Valley of the Stars Gala position your company with high-wealth audiences.

Meet Our Supporters

Who is driving the economic growth of our region? Meet the corporate leaders who not only produce the products and services that meet customer needs globally, but who go above and beyond. These are the corporate citizens who re-invest right here in the Valley, where they have chosen to make their corporate home.