Uplift Lake View Terrace

Uplift Lake View Terrace

The Valley Economic Alliance is committed to equitable development of the San Fernando Valley region. Toward that end, The Alliance has launched the “Valley Main Street” Place-Based Revitalization Program, beginning with a pilot program “Uplift Lake View Terrace”. By convening government, nonprofit, and business leaders, The Alliance is a catalyst for re-envisioning and revitalizing under-invested small business districts in the Valley to increase employment opportunities, promote home ownership, and improve the attractiveness of the area.

The program consists of:

  • Business Assistance for local small businesses
  • Business Attraction to vacant commercial spaces
  • Small Business District improvements
  • Programming and District Promotion to increase visitors to the area

The project will result in a Revitalization Toolkit that details best practices for economic development that can be replicated by business owners and community leaders in Valley Main Streets throughout the region.

This program is made possible with support from Wells Fargo.

Small Business Development

If you own a business in Lake View Terrace, we have business advisors who can help you create a business plan, build your team of experts, create digital marketing programs, and apply for grants and loans to build your business. Enroll in our free Business Assistance Program and get the assistance you need.

Business Attraction

Consider moving or expanding into Lake View Terrace. The Alliance has convened an influential team of government, nonprofit, corporate, and community leaders to invest time, attention and funding into this project area. Learn about landlord incentives for moving into the area by completing the form below.

Job Centers

The Valley Economic Alliance is a connector for Job Seekers within our region. We will connect you to our valued partners for assistance in finding job opportunities, crafting resumes, mock job interviews, and securing on the job training free of charge for eligible populations. Click below to learn more.


Educational Institutions

Further your education at one of the Valley’s leading community colleges or universities: Mission Community College is in close proximity to Lake View Terrace and offers a number of certificate programs that can qualify you for a good paying job in less time than a 4-year degree. Click below to learn more.

Home Ownership

If you are renting a home or apartment in Lake View Terrace and would like to considered purchasing a home, The Alliance can help you connect with first time home buyer programs to guide you through the process and see if you qualify for down payment assistance. Click below to request first time home buyer information.

Financial Literacy and Investing

You can do your part to closing the wealth gap by building generational wealth for your family. If you’re interested in credit counseling, learning more about financial management, or investing, then The Alliance would like to connect you with partner organizations which specialize in these types of education. Click below to learn more.

If you are a Lake View Terrace resident, please contact us to share the type of amenities and businesses you would like to serve your neighborhood.